Business consulting services: Corporate training courses

Personalised training programmes

The PLS Group is in a position to analyse and respond to each individual company’s needs thanks to its team of experts, investing in research and development to create engaging and effective teaching methods. We are committed to delivering training through tailor-made programmes to increase learner involvement and teach skills that can be put to use in the context of the specific workplace, ensuring compliance with the mandatory minimum training requirements.

In addition to its own trainers, PLS engages qualified instructors who go through a rigorous selection process at our premises, they are professionals in their sectors who address the topics in the training courses on a daily basis. Moreover, as required by law, the theoretical part of our First Aid courses is taught by doctors, while practical training is carried out by emergency service volunteers, so that the experience they have acquired in the field can be brought into the training course.

Managing and monitoring training activities

The PLS Group provides its clients with advanced, user-friendly software designed to manage online and classroom learning as well as any previous training. It has been developed to be simple and immediate, all trainees can use it. “ELAGA” also features a centralised training management system which makes it possible to monitor all learning activities, this includes:

  • monitoring of expiry dates with a reminder system;
  • a repository of certificates related to both current and past training;
  • reports on the training carried out by the users in the system.