Business consulting services for Health sector

Healthcare facilities nowadays are increasingly impacted by regulatory, legislative and organisational changes, they tend to be heterogeneous workplaces with highly specific, complex internal areas, both in terms of the types of medical treatment carried out and due to issues affecting the technical systems, structures and installations, which can in turn influence the organisation, equipment or infrastructure of the facilities.

In the many different organisations within this specific sector, healthcare workers can be exposed to an extremely wide range of risks and they need the most up-to-date technological solutions to mitigate the biological, chemical, physical, ergonomic, psychosocial, (etc.) risks. This is why it is essential in healthcare facilities, as in any other workplace, to establish an organisational chart for workplace safety under the direction of the Employer, together with an organisational structure that adequately supports the Employer.

PLS Group can count on a wealth of experience gained over the years, thanks to constant collaboration with companies in the sector. We offer integrated, cutting-edge consultancy, to protect and defend your company from all potential risks relative to compliance with the legal obligations in force, by means of continuous monitoring and improvement of the workplaces and of the human resources.

Our team of professional specialists can provide you with targeted support, working together in the evaluation of your company’s requirements in the following fields, according to the needs and characteristics of production in the company and in any subsidiaries. The aim is therefore to provide a service that is in step with the applicable legislation while also tailored to the company’s individual requirements: