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A distinguishing feature of the automotive sector is the high number of production plants with specific requirements, making the adoption and implementation of an adequate safety programme absolutely essential.


The banking/insurance sector makes use of the latest developments in modern technology, so it is crucial to develop standardised guidelines and specific prevention plans in order to identify and monitor any risks.


The extraction of solid mineral products from quarries and mines is a primary source of materials for all other industries. This is a sector in which there is a high risk of accidents and it also presents a significant risk to the environment.


The complex nature of the chemicals, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals sector requires the adoption of a well-structured, innovative risk management system to identify, prevent and contain any risks.


The construction industry is particularly challenging, it covers an extremely wide range of activities, and the nature and magnitude of the different risks that workers are exposed to makes it one of the more hazardous sectors.


The food industry is a vast, highly diversified sector, specific risk-analysis is necessary to assess the potential hazards to the health and safety of workers as well as risks related to food safety and hygiene.


The property sector includes a wide range of professions and its operational framework is highly complex, it is therefore essential to implement the relative workplace health and safety requirements correctly.


The organisational structure of the fashion sector is multifaceted and eclectic, this requires significant attention to all aspects of health and safety in the workplace.


The manufacturing sector is highly complex and diversified, a number of significant risk factors are inherent in the wide range of production processes.


The specific requirements of this sector call for internal processes and procedures that are standardised across all stores in terms of health and safety in the workplace, in order to prevent and minimise risks.


Healthcare workers operate in complex, highly diversified environments in which they can be exposed to an extremely wide range of risks. It is essential to establish an organisational chart for workplace safety under the direction of the Employer.


Operators in high tech sectors may be exposed to various risks, first and foremost there is technostress, which requires adequate training in order to prevent occupational disease.


This sector includes a great many types of company, with different business units and sizes; the hazards within the sector in terms of workplace safety are frequently underestimated.


This is a complex sector, work activities must be correctly organised in order to be carried out safely, thus reducing the risk of accidents in its various divisions, from handling goods to transporting them by road.


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