Business consulting services for Tech sector

Technology plays a central role in global economic development and growth.

In this sector, there are countless business units, offices and branches which evolve rapidly and constantly. The workplaces vary greatly, but they are all highly technological. Restructuring and merger processes are those that bring about a series of changes in company organisational models, which impact the various branches both nationally and internationally. A further consequence is that there is a very wide range of different stakeholders

Operators in the sector may be exposed to various risks, first and foremost there is technostress, which represents a genuine health risk for workers and which requires adequate training in order to prevent occupational disease.

PLS Group can count on a wealth of experience gained over the years, thanks to constant collaboration with companies in the sector. We offer integrated, cutting-edge consultancy, to protect and defend your business and any financial backers from all potential risks relative to compliance with the legal obligations in force. We can also provide support in the evaluation of new spaces in which to develop your business, ensuring continuous monitoring and improvement of the workplaces and of the human resources.

Our team of professional specialists can provide you with targeted support, working together in the evaluation of your company’s requirements in the following fields, according to the needs and characteristics of production in the company and in any subsidiaries. The aim is therefore to provide a service that is in step with the applicable legislation while also tailored to the company’s individual requirements: