Business consulting services for Automotive sector

The automotive sector is a highly complex and competitive market, consisting of a high number of production units with characteristics that make it essential to adopt and implement an adequate safety programme, in full compliance with the regulations in force and in liaison with the different local authorities and agencies.

In the automotive sector, it is of paramount importance to protect the entire supply chain, from the offices and marketing departments to the manufacturing divisions, throughout the area concerned (at local and national level).

Providing adequate protection for a brand involves attaining an in-depth understanding of the company’s structure, ensuring that those holding key roles are kept up to date with developments in both mandatory and voluntary regulations, while applying an incisive, practical approach in line with a sector which sees a high level of customer turnover.

PLS Group can count on a wealth of experience gained over the years, thanks to constant collaboration with companies of all sizes in the sector. We offer integrated, cutting-edge consultancy, covering both technical and legal aspects, evaluating both binding and voluntary requirements, keeping all the company departments up to date from a procedural point of view, while also defending or protecting the company from potential risks relative to compliance with the legal obligations in force by means of continuous monitoring and improvement of the workplaces and of the human resources.

Our team of professional specialists can provide you with targeted support, working together in the evaluation of your company’s requirements in the following fields, according to the needs and characteristics of production in the company and in any subsidiaries.

The aim is therefore to provide a service that is in step with the applicable legislation while also tailored to the company’s individual requirements: