Business consulting services for Chemical Petrochemical Pharmaceutical sector

In Italy and across Europe, the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries are undoubtedly among the most productive sectors

There are numerous challenges related to the development and management of these industries, both in terms of production and with regard to the regulations. Liaison with the regulatory authorities is crucial, such as the fire brigade, the Italian Regional Environmental Protection Agency (ARPA), the local health service, municipal authorities, local bodies, etc., in order to obtain the specific authorisations necessary.

This is a highly varied and complex field, with many different categories of production carried out in facilities of all sizes. Their common characteristic is the use and/or possession in production and storage areas, of potentially hazardous substances (toxic/combustible/explosive etc.), often in large quantities. These substances can present risks for human health as well as for the environment and their sustainable management has a particularly significant impact on companies in the sector. These materials, which vary according to each individual production site, are highly complex to manage, this requires the adoption of well-structured, innovative risk management system to identify, prevent and contain any risks.

PLS Group can count on the timely availability of technicians located all over the country, which ensures the needs of its clients can be met punctually in the event of an incident or when it is necessary to liaise with specific authorities or bodies. Thanks to constant collaboration with companies in the sector, PLS can provide integrated, cutting-edge consultancy to protect and defend your company from all potential risks relative to compliance with the legal obligations in force, by means of continuous monitoring and improvement of the workplaces and of the human resources.