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Building a better company takes experience and passion, it is a learning process which requires analysis, ideas, testing and solutions. Developing prototypes.


Minimising risks and damage, avoiding fines and restrictions to your activities, implementing an efficient, ethical and transparent management model – this is what being a better company means to us.


We provide bespoke training courses that are customised to your brand values and delivered in compliance with the mandatory minimum training requirements prescribed by the applicable regulations, ensuring a practical, targeted training project.


Companies of all kinds are required to introduce a process of continuous monitoring and regulatory compliance regarding environmental concerns, taking the constant amendments to relative legislation into due account.


We provide concrete support, working alongside you to address and manage the most relevant data protection and privacy issues, with a view to ensuring that every organisation has the highest level of compliance with new legislation on personal data processing.


Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 introduced the concept of company liability, it states that legal entities may be held liable in relation to certain crimes which are committed or attempted in the interest or for benefit of the company.


Certification to international standards gives businesses the opportunity to implement appropriate management systems in different fields, defining the prerequisites for compliance at each stage of the management cycle.